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Team building articles Team Building: Why is it so Important?
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Team Building: Why is it so Important?

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Team building ideas
Due to such factors as the communications revolution, the global market and the ever-increasing specialization and division of labour, modern society has become extremely fluid and dynamic. Individuals are now required to move between many different groups of people in their working and also personal lives. All kinds of people from investment bankers to catering staff and session musicians face the same difficulties. Hence the need for techniques to help people adapt to the new requirements and get on well in a new group.

The method which is widely applied in various organizations is known as team building. Team building refers to the process of establishing and developing a greater sense of cooperation and trust between team members. Interactive exercises, team assessments, and group discussions enable groups to cultivate this greater sense of teamwork.

Needless to say that, the proper functioning and successful development of any company or organization largely depends on teamwork efficiency. Good team relationships can make it into a productive group with great morale and motivation. Therefore, team building activities are aimed at improving communication and collaboration skills within and between groups of people working together.
As team building has to do with cooperation, bridge building, planning, and effective use of resources, the benefits team building activities may bring are countless: improvement in planning skills, problem solving, decision making, time management, friendly competition, personal confidence, morale, etc.

Team activities help the team in self-assessment which is very important for improving the ways of further collaboration within the group. Team activities allow for defining the team’s current strengths and weaknesses, identifying any gap between the desired state and the actual state, and designing a gap-closure strategy.

Team games and exercises simulating real life situations (e.g. those focused on practicing clear communication and developing keys to trust during challenging and confusing times or learning to accomplish the goal with a tight timeline) are both useful and fun. Thus, learning to work together and act as a team may be enjoyable.

One of the best team building ideas besides a variety of popular team games and exercises is team holiday activities. By stimulating dialogue about how team members work together and provoking challenges to be overcome through trust and co-operation, such team holiday activities or events as cycling, horse riding, paintball, canoeing, safari, regatta, etc. may contribute a lot to a more efficient interaction among the members of the team. Holiday activities may also serve as perfect icebreakers. Meanwhile the pleasant impressions, positive emotions and the adventures experienced during the holidays spent together will turn to shared memories…

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